Experts Pick the Best Workout Equipment for Home Gyms

Experts Pick the Best Workout Equipment for Home Gyms

If you’ve decided to build a home gym, congratulations on taking that first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Home gyms provide an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility, and can be entirely customised to suit your preferences. 

However, determining the best equipment to buy can be difficult. To help, our experts pick the best workout equipment for home gyms. 

Best for Versatility

Weight Bench

Bespoke luxury fitness equipment by Cycling Bears. PENT BANKA fully customisable, adjustable gym bench made of Natural Wood, stainless steel and calf leather.

BANKA - Luxury Exercise Bench

Weight benches stand out for their versatility, allowing for a range of different exercises. By adjusting the incline and decline, especially when paired with dumbbells or resistance bands, you can engage in a variety of workouts targeted at different muscle groups. 

For those looking to invest in high-quality equipment, the Pent Banka Advance offers a harmonious blend between fitness and luxury, with up to 7 adjustable ranges to suit different fitness levels and workout types. 

Best for Cardio


NOHrd Sprintbok manual curved wooden threadmill. Luxury fitness equipment. Cycling Bears. Home Gym Design

NOHrD Sprintbok - Curved Manual Treadmill

If you’re looking to balance your fitness routine with cardio, treadmills offer a great degree of convenience and accessibility, thanks to their compact design. You can exercise any time regardless of sun, rain, sleet or snow. In addition, given that you don’t have to make a trip to the gym to get your cardio fix, you can fit in a workout even in the busiest schedule. 

The NOHrD Sprintbok curved manual treadmill is perfect for individuals looking for an aesthetic machine that adapts to all styles and speeds regardless of whether you’re training for endurance, sprints or interval runs. 

Exercise Bike

Luxury Home Gym Equipment - Ciclotte Teckell Glass indoor Bike by Cycling Bears.

Ciclotte Teckell - Glass Exercise Bike

Much like treadmills, exercise bikes offer exceptional convenience and accessibility. Not only are they time efficient, allowing you to squeeze a workout whenever it suits you, but you can also exercise in any weather conditions. What makes them unique, and also ideal for home gyms, however, is that they make it much easier to engage in other leisure (or professional) pursuits, such as reading, watching tv or listening to podcasts. A stable platform that minimises head movement, combined with a generally stationery hand placement (as opposed to the swinging of the hands that comes with running), makes it easier to focus on text or a screen.

Choose between the Ciclotte Bike (in Glass or Carbon Fiber), the NOHrd Bike or the Still-Fit Ergometer Pure, Stationary Bike for a luxurious addition to your home gym that blends style and functionality. 

Best for Strength


Luxury Fitness Equipment - Bespoke Barbell. Wood and Stainless Steel. PENT LESNA. Cycling Bears

LESNA - Luxury Barbell Set

Barbells are an excellent addition to your home gym due to the potential for a wide variety of movement and training styles. When paired with an exercise bench, you can perform bench presses laying flat or at an incline, or opt for other exercises, including front squats, lunges, Romanian deadlifts, and much more. 

As purveyors of fine gym equipment, we recommend the LESNA - Luxury Barbell Set made from Walnut, Oak or Ash wood, which, combined with solid stainless steel, results in a fusion that is both aesthetically pleasing, durable and comfortable to use. 


PENT Colmia Luxury Dumbbell Vertical Set, featuring customisable options in various weight ranges, wood types, and leather combinations.

COLMIA Set - Dumbbells on a Vertical Wooden Stand

Much like barbells, dumbbells excel for the incredible versatility they offer. They enable a vast range of exercises that target every muscle group, from bicep curls and tricep extensions to squats, lunges, chest presses, and rows. The possibilities are endless. It also helps that they are space efficient. 

We’ve got a soft spot for the PENT COLMIA due to the incredible range of weights available. However, if your needs are modest, we have a wide variety of equally good options. 

Best for Flexibility

Resistance Band

RESA - Luxury Fitness Resistance Band

RESA - Luxury Fitness Resistance Band

It’s not uncommon to overlook resistance bands due to their rather unassuming appearance. However, for any home gym, resistance bands come in handy especially for days when weights are a bit more, well, straining than you’d prefer. Not only are they ideal for a pre-workout stretch, they are also ideal for pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises. 

Regardless of whether you opt for the iconic RESA or GUMA resistance band available in our stores, you can rest assured that they’ll handle all your fitness needs without any issues. 

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, building a home gym is about creating a personalised space that motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. Each of the options we've recommended will cater to the different aspects of fitness, whether it's barbells for strength training or treadmills for cardio. Ultimately, when deciding what to pick, your choice should align with your fitness goals. 

At Cycling Bears, our goal is to help you design a fitness space with the best workout equipment for home gyms—customised to your needs—where you can find peace or explode with intensity while exercising. Click here to browse our full range of luxury equipment. 

Looking for corporate solutions? Speak with our experts here. 

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