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NOHRD Sprintbok - Curved Manual Treadmill

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NOHRD Sprintbok - Luxurious wooden curved manual treadmill

Fully powered by the user’s legs, the Sprintbok knows no speed limitations. Whether training for endurance, sprint or interval runs – the Sprintbok perfectly absorbs any kind of running training through its ball bearing mounted slats.

The running belt’s gentle inward curve renders the motorless treadmill even more benefits for a natural running feel. Shifting the body’s center of gravity enables the runner to change rhythm and speed nearly effortlessly.

The curved frame design made of solid hardwood, is not only aesthetically beautiful, the wooden frame contributes to vibration reduction when the machine is in use. 

The Sprintbok automatically adapts to all running styles and speeds without any unpleasant, persistent motor noise – this enables fluid change between sprint and slower-paced running.


NOHRD Sprintbok can be manufactured in solid ash, oak, cherry and walnut wood. Please email us at if you require any other customization.

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