About Us

Cycling Bears designs fitness spaces for homes, hotels, yachts and private clubs, and supplies the finest gym and fitness equipment which are all customisable to blend in seamlessly with your luxurious space.

Using sustainably sourced natural materials and working with partners who share similar beliefs, Cycling Bears curates equipment that do not have any planned obsolescence.

Supported by a team of fitness professionals, wellness coaches and interior designers, Cycling Bears will create a beautiful fitness sanctuary for you, where you can both find peace while meditating or explode with intensity while exercising. 

Media Coverage

  • Tudi Guillamot

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Email: tudi@cyclingbears.com


    Tudi is a dedicated cyclist and sports enthusiast originally from Brittany, France, and the cycling bear of Cycling Bears. Tudi moved to Singapore after completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 and spent over 12 years working in the automotive, tech and fire protection industries.



    He co-founded Cycling Bears with Debra, combining his love for sports and appreciation for handcrafted woodwork growing up as the son of a carpenter. As a seasoned athlete committed to cycling, he values the life lessons derived from sports, emphasizing discipline, teamwork, resilience, and overcoming challenges.



    As an engineer, Tudi is passionate about processes, and has created our three-step advisory process when helping clients to design their fitness spaces. He hopes to help everyone reimagine the approach to wellness, and take Cycling Bears global.

  • Debra Tay

    Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

    Email: debra@cyclingbears.com


    Debra has over 23 years of banking experience, from corporate and investment banking to Wealth Management in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia. While leading the ultra high net worth team in Singapore and Malaysia for a large private bank, Debra was inspired to venture into luxury wellness to fill a gap she identified.


    Despite having three Masters degrees, Debra studied Interior Design in Melbourne, completed the NASM home gym design course and a nutrition course at Harvard Medical School to better advise Cycling Bears’ clients. Combining her love for interior design and fitness, she aims to create wellness sanctuaries which challenge the idea of bulky, rusty and rubbery gym equipment.


    Debra is passionate about overall wellness, and maintains a religious workout routine which includes spinning, strength training, pilates and boxing and is always open to discovering new sports. In her free time, she loves unwinding with a book and her dogs at the beach.

  • Anggita Kartikasarii




    Hailing from Yogyakarta in Indonesia, known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage, Anggita is the designer behind most of our beautiful projects. Anggita works closely with Debra to design the wellness sanctuaries for our clients, blending natural elements and sophistication, showcasing her refined and distinctive style. With over 7 years of experience in the interior design industry, Anggita specializes in both residential and commercial design. She visualizes and renders projects, effortlessly aligning them with clients' visions, bringing the projects to life.


    Beyond design, Anggita enjoys cooking, traveling, and working out, especially kickboxing.

  • Aditi Manchanda

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Email: aditi@cyclingbears.com


    With a proven track record in marketing, Singapore Management University Masters graduate Aditi is the brains behind Cycling Bears’ online presence and content. Originally from Chandigarh, India, where Aditi still spends most of her time, she adds a creative edge to our team and ensures a consistent voice across all our social media accounts.


    Specializing in various digital facets, Aditi is dedicated to crafting compelling content, organizing impactful social media strategies, and engaging with all of our followers online. A passionate traveler and perpetual learner, she thrives on embracing new challenges. Aditi used to be a gymnast, and now enjoys going to the gym regularly and practices yoga.