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WaterRower - Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

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NOHrD WaterRower - Luxurious wooden rowing machine

The WaterRower provides an unmatched fitness experience. With its smooth, self-regulated resistance, you will maximize calorie burn while engaging every muscle group. 

You also get all the core-strengthening benefits with minimal impact.

This is the Original WaterRower is made exclusively in the USA with premium quality materials, to ensure not only durability but also give the product a sleek luxurious look. These machines have been manufactured with the utmost care and passion for detail for over 25 years. 

The soothing flow of water mimics your experience on the water and it can also be stored in an upright position, occupying no more space than a chair. 


WaterRower rowing machines are manufactured in solid ash, oak, cherry and walnut wood. Further models in stainless steel are also available. Please email us at if you require customization.

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