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NOHRD Weight Plates - Barbell & Dumbbells Tower

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NOHRD WeightPlates - All-in-One Exercise Wall

NOHRD has taken a gym essential, the weight plate, and transformed it into a stunning piece of functional art. Inspired by the simplicity, beautiful design, and functionality of Olympic barbells, only better, more compact and versatile.

The Barbells

Load the 25mm Dumbler with ease and be assured that the weights slippage and loosening cuffs are not an issue. The integrated SlideLock system, designed by Gungnir of Norway, ensures both your safety and user-friendly experience. Take in the sleek minimalist design and train with confidence, while you focus on your fitness journey.

You can also load the long barbell bar (Pumper) with the selection of weight plates which range from 0.5kg to 10kg. The set comes with weights from 0.5kg to 5kg, totalling 57kg, allowing you to customize your workout intensity with precision.

No matter your weightlifting goals, this diverse selection ensures you have the flexibility and control needed to reach them efficiently. You can buy additional weights, and the long barbells can hold up to 180kg.

The WeightPlates Tower is designed in a harmonious blend of solid wood, powder-coated steel, and brushed stainless steel – a statement piece for your fitness space. The Tower accommodates individual weight plates and fully loaded barbells, keeping your gym area organized. The long barbell bars (Pumpers) are stored at the back, in an upright position.


NOHRD WeightPlates can be manufactured in ash, oak, cherry or walnut wood. Please email us at if you require any other customization.

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