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MOXA Set - Set of Leather Medicine Balls on Vertical Wooden Stand

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Base Leather

PENT. MOXA - Bespoke handmade leather weighted balls on a solid stand made of the highest quality wood.

Introducing PENT's handcrafted weighted balls made from the most luxurious Italian leather. Precision and true craftsmanship make MOXA balls not only unique but also highly suitable for home gyms, hotel fitness centers, yachts, and professional fitness facilities.

Each MOXA weighted ball is a testament to PENT's commitment to quality and attention to detail. Crafted with care, these balls are designed to enhance your workout routines while providing a touch of elegance to your fitness space.

Complementing the weighted ball set is a handcrafted vertical stand made from natural walnut, oak or ash wood and steel. This stand not only adds to the aesthetics of your fitness area but also ensures easy access and storage for your MOXA weighted balls. 

3 different sets available:

Light -  4kg | 8kg | 12kg | 16kg

Power -  12kg | 16kg | 20kg | 24kg

Ultimate -   4kg | 8kg | 12kg | 16kg | 20kg | 24kg


Our designers will select the accent leather based on the best design, but if you would like a specific colour, please email us @ 

Customization is available with your initials hand-stitched on the medicine balls or engraved on the wooden stand. Please email us at if you require customization.

MOXA's are also available individually.

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