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COLMIA Set - Dumbbells on a Vertical Wooden Stand

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 PENT COLMIA - Bespoke set of luxury dumbbells on a solid stand made of the highest quality wood and natural leather.

Made of American Walnut wood or Ash wood, which provide a good grip, are a pleasure to touch and also exhibit antibacterial properties.

Combined with solid Stainless Steel, these hand crafted dumbbells create a harmonious feel in your exercise space. 

3 different sets available:

Light -  2kg x 2 | 4kg x 2 | 6kg x 2 | 8kg x 2 | 10kg x 2 | 12kg x 2

Power -  14kg x 2 | 16kg x 2 | 18kg x 2 | 20kg x 2

Ultimate -  2kg x 2 | 4kg x 2 | 6kg x 2 | 8kg x 2 | 10kg x 2 | 12kg x 2 |14kg x 2 | 16kg x 2 | 18kg x 2 | 20kg x 2


Customization is available with your initials on the wooden stand or on the leather. If you need customization or a different leather colour, please email us at and our team will be in touch with you. 

  • Prices are in SGD, and includes delivery and GST. 
  • Production and Delivery time is approximately 10 weeks.

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