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Why We Love the Wooden WaterRower

A wooden water rower is a fitness equipment designed to simulate the experience of rowing on water. Typically consisting of a wooden frame, a water tank, and a handle connected to tthe water mechanism, this gear mimics the rowing motion on the water while providing resistance to increase strength and stamina.

The rower's wooden structure gives it a classic appearance, enabling it to blend right in with any home gym or workout space. Not only are these rowers environmentally sustainable, they are also ergonomically constructed with soft seats and adjustable footrests. Add more water when you want to increase the resistance. You can even measure your progress and establish new fitness goals with the built-in monitors that come with some models. 

Here are a few reasons why the wooden water rower is on its way to becoming the next in thing:


1. Low-impact, Full-body Workout

Although using a rowing machine requires a lot of strength and muscle movement, water rowing provides a low-impact workout that is gentle on the joints and can be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You will feel a progressive increase in energy and endurance after regularly using this device, improving your stamina and metabolism.

2. Luxurious

Wooden water rowers have a classic and stylish design that can complement any space at home or hotel. Made of high-quality materials, the rowers are stunning pieces of functional equipment that can give your simple gym a luxurious touch.

3. Easy Storage

When it comes to the WaterRower, storage is hassle-free. This equipment takes up only half a square meter of floor space when placed vertically and can be displayed in your living room or any other corner of your home. And boy, does it look stunning!

4. Soothing Effect

More often than not, our minds are in more places than one. In addition to being a fantastic workout, the sound of flowing water provides a soothing experience that helps you relax and clear your thoughts. 

CyclingBears provides premium home gym equipment, including the luxurious WaterRower - Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor and the FLOW ONE - Stil fit Rowing machine that can add an oomph to your home gym. Contact us to order your own water rower or to try one out at our showroom today!

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