The Ultimate Gifting With Luxury Fitness Equipment

The Ultimate Gifting With Luxury Fitness Equipment

Who needs the holiday season as an excuse when you can give thoughtful presents to your loved ones throughout the year? That said, finding a gift that is both thoughtful and unique can be challenging. 

Previously, we shared ideas to help you ‘Elevate Your Gifting Game with customisable luxury fitness equipment curated and crafted with thorough care. Not only do these promote a healthier lifestyle, they also add a touch of sophistication to the space. 

Each piece is a work of art designed to seamlessly blend into the home, office, hotel room, or wellness sanctuary. 

Interior designers and architects can add these to their final project deliveries as a thoughtful housewarming gesture for their clients. Ideal for corporate gifting and equally suitable as personal presents for various occasions, these exceptional pieces are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Here are some recommendations for you to choose from depending on who you are finding a gift for:

Corporate gifts:

Check out he versatile PENT - Colmia - dumbbells so pretty, they wouldn't want to put them down. 

Discover a new way to train with style and substance with the Lova - Luxury Kettlebell. The premium wood not only provides excellent grip but also enhances every swing, snatch, and press with a touch of modern elegance to your exercise space.

Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym. Hotel Gym. Singapore. Gift Ideas.

The stylishly crafted Sienna Skipping Rope is more than just a calorie burner. Carry it to the beach or a park, making it the perfect outdoor workout partner.

PENT - Mata, a leather masterpiece that screams luxury. Sink into a meditative pose or asana, enveloped by comfort and ethically sourced goodness. Yoga Nirvana redefined!

Your clients will love these thoughtful gifts much better than another hamper. 

For Architects and Hoteliers:

Add a personal touch to your hotel or architectural project deliveries with Sophia - The mobile gym. It is the perfect testament of commitment to refined wellness and is definitely a conversation starter.

Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym. Hotel Gym. Singapore. Gift Ideas.

The Racka - set or Combo - Ana could be the perfect gift for a condo / residential project delivery. Their refined look adds a stunning visual appeal to any space and is sure to entice anyone to work out. 

The Stil-Fit functional trainer is a versatile piece of equipment. With a sleek body, a lat pull unit and a full set of accessories, this equipment can be flushed into any wall or even installed in a wardrobe.

For Loved Ones:

The ideally Christmas gift for a loved one who loves working out, surprise them with the PENT - Banka or Colmia Set, the ideal present for those who prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle. 

PENT - Raxa, the leather punching bag could be another great option for stylish and performance-focused gifting. 

Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym. Hotel Gym. Singapore. Gift Ideas.

These are a few of the many options you can choose from. Find the perfect gift for your loved ones - explore our range of bespoke solutions today!

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