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3 Easy Steps to your Luxury Gym with Cycling Bears

Designing a fitness space is more personal than it is commercial. While designing a gym for homes can be slightly different than designing one for a hotel or club, we at Cycling Bears follow a three-step process to help bring your gym design vision to life:


1. Understanding your needs

The very first thing we do is understand your gym  requirements. What is the purpose of the gym? Is it for personal use or common space for guests at a hotel? An estimate of the number of people that could use the gym at once?

What fitness goals do you want to achieve? Are you trying to lose weight or are you recovering from an injury? Are you training or simply looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of your own home?

Understanding your preference enables us to serve you better. The equipment we recommend for a young enthusiast looking to build muscle would be different from that of a person with a history of injury. These questions help us align our expertise with your goals and begin the curation of your fitness sanctuary.


2. Assessing available space and budget

The next thing we do is assess how much space we have to work with. We consider factors such as ceiling height, flooring, and ventilation to ensure that the appropriate equipment can be placed in the given space, providing ample room for movement during your workouts.

For hotels, this includes considering the number of workout stations or any other specific requirements such as storage or changing areas.

Based on the assessment of space and resources, a layout is created. This involves designing the gym's floor plan, including the location of equipment, amenities and storage areas. The gym design and layout is optimized for safety, efficiency, and ease of use.


3. Selecting the equipment

Once the gym design is finalized, the final step is selecting the equipment. We help you choose equipment that is in sync with your goals, available space and budget.

Versatile gym equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and a bench press that can provide a variety of exercises, and are recommended for regular use. Our sleek water rower, the sexy indoor bike and the self-powered treadmill are all fantastic options for a cardio workout, depending on your preference. Not only are these great for use, but they also give any space that additional oomph!

We supply the finest fitness equipment that blends in seamlessly with your luxurious space. You can choose the wood and color of leather for your equipment and even personalize it by having your initials engraved onto it. Once the gym equipment is in production, it takes 12-16 weeks to get delivered to you.


At Cycling Bears, we help create a space that invites you to workout every day! Our team of wellness coaches can also customize a workout plan just for you to help you achieve your fitness goals. Reach out to us to start designing your dream home gym today!

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