Wall bar workout. Luxury fitness equipment. gym equipment. Home gym. Pent.

Everything you need to know about a Fitness Wall Bar

Did you know that the wall bars in your gyms, also known as stall bars or Swedish ladders, date all the way back to the 19th century? Invented by Swedish physical therapist Per Henrik Ling, the father of Swedish Gymnastics, wall bars aimed to provide a versatile and accessible tool for exercise and training, promoting physical fitness, strength, and flexibility. 

Wall bar workout. Luxury fitness equipment. gym equipment. Home gym. Pent.

Wall bars allow individuals to perform a range of exercises using one's body weight. Initially used in gymnastics and physical education, they soon gained popularity for their therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits. Today, wall bars are prevalent in various fitness settings, including rehabilitation centres and home gyms. They have evolved in design and materials, with modern versions made from wood, metal, or both. Some even look very luxurious, like the PENT SCALA.

The versatility and effectiveness of wall bars in the overall fitness of their users have contributed to their popularity over the years. Here are some reasons why investing in a wall bar for your home gym is a good idea:


1. Versatility:

Offering a wide range of exercise possibilities and allowing you to target multiple muscle groups, a wall bar is sufficient for a full body workout. Exercises you can do:

  • Hanging Leg Raises - engage your core muscles.
  • Pull-Ups - primarily target your back and biceps.
  • Dips - help define your triceps and chest.
  • The L-Sit - works your core, shoulders and arms.
  • Inverted rows - target the back, biceps and shoulders.

Wall bars also aid in stretching exercises, such as hamstring stretches, calf stretches, or backbends, providing support and stability while you deepen your stretch.


2. Convenience:

Having a wall bar at home provides the accessibility to exercise whenever you want. You don't have to rely on gym memberships or travel to a fitness facility to work out. Further, 'wall' bars are mounted on the wall, meaning that they don't take up much floor space, making them suitable even for apartments with limited room.

Wall bar workout. Luxury fitness equipment. gym equipment. Home gym. Pent.


3. Rehabilitation and flexibility:

Wall bars are often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation centres. They provide support and stability, making them helpful for individuals recovering from injuries or working on improving flexibility. They can assist with stretching exercises and aid in gentle movements to restore mobility.


Ultimately, investing in a wall bar is a great choice if you are looking for convenience, versatility, and the ability to perform a variety of exercises in a space-saving manner. 


Cycling Bears is the official distributor for PENT, and the PENT SCALA is a stunning fitness wall bar that is customisable to meet your aesthetic and fitness needs.

Available in basic and advanced options, this luxury gym equipment even comes with 5 removable bars weighing 2 to 6 kilograms to perform complex multi-functional exercises.

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