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Sunlighten - mPulse Smart Infra Red Sauna


Bring Sunlighten’s healing infrared into your wellness rhythm, and experience the benefits of the most effective, highest quality near, mid and far infrared available.

Having an infrared sauna in your home or wellness sanctuary gives you easy access to a foundational wellness tool you'll love. Sunlighten infra red saunas are the result of scientific study and commitment to excellence to give you a place of hope, health and happiness.

The mPulse Smart Sauna is a customisable red/ near, mid and far infra red sauna. Optimise your well-being in the integrated wellness ecosystem of Sunlighten's premier, patented 3 in 1 full spectrum infrared sauna, now with integrated red light. It's the world's first and only dynamic sauna that empowers you to customise each wavelength to optimise the specific health benefit you want.

Suitable for homes, fitness recovery, wellness centres, hotels, or workplace wellness. 

Available in a full Eucalyptus model, or Eucalyptus Exterior / Canadian Western Red Cedar Interior or a hypoallergenic basswood.

Other Sunlighten models - the Amplify and the Signature are also available.

Drop us an email at to know more about the science, or specifications of the Sunlighten or to get a quote! 

Price to be quoted based on destination.

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