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Flow One - Stil-Fit Rowing Machine

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Stil-Fit Flow One - Luxurious wooden rowing machine

The beautiful feeling of powerfully rowing the slender and elegant body of a rowing boat over a quiet lake or along a calm river. Every powerful stroke of the oar lets the slim boat glide elegantly through the water. The STIL-FIT rowing machine FLOW ONE combines an elegant design, which is reminiscent of a slim rowing boat, with the sound of oars diving into the water and thus conveys precisely this sensual experience.

FLOW ONE is the rowing machine that fits into any living environment, during the workout and afterwards. It can be easily stored vertically, takes up only half a square meter of space and decorates every room. 

This trains strength and endurance equally, using 85% of the muscles and trains both the upper and lower body. 

Water tank technology from WaterRower. 

Comes with a tablet holder. Do email us if you do not want this. 

Available in Oak, Walnut and Matt Black.

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  • Production and Delivery time is approximately 6-12 weeks.

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