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What You Need for an Effective Outdoor Workout

In today’s fast-paced world, where screens and sedentary lifestyles dominate, there is an increasing need to break free from the confines of indoor gyms and embrace the rejuvenating power of outdoor workouts.

The great outdoors offers a refreshing change of scenery and fresh air. A study published in 2018 even sheds light on how working out in the open contributes to better cardiovascular health, improved fitness levels, and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Outdoor Workout. Luxury fitness equipment. Holistic Health. Melbourne. Singapore.

However, to truly make the most of an outdoor workout experience, it is imperative to have the right equipment handy.

Cycling Bears offers the most stunning gym equipment that is not only easy to use and store but are also aesthetically beautiful. From smaller items that you can carry to a nearby park or beach to bigger equipment that you can get installed in your sheltered balcony or backyard, we’ve got you covered!

  • Yoga Equipment - Rustling leaves and chirping birds are the best kind of music to practise asanas and meditate. Our range of yoga mats, straps and blocks can be your perfect companion, making your outdoor experience more convenient.
  • PENT Kettlebells and Dumbbells - Made of sustainably sourced materials, these weighted equipment provides a good grip and are pleasing to the touch. By themselves, kettlebells and dumbbells are sufficient to give a full-body workout.

If you have a covered backyard, here are some equipment you may want to consider -

  • Water rower - Designed to simulate the experience of rowing on water, when done right, half n hour spent on a water rower can burn a whopping 300 calories. Rowing increases strength and stamina and provides a low-impact, high-endurance workout. To top this, these water rowers look absolutely attractive placed anywhere and are even customisable!

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  • Sprintbok Treadmill - Requiring no external power, the Sprintbok is fully powered by the user's legs which makes it a perfect partner for sprint training, interval runs or light walking. Hop on when taking a virtual meeting, we guarantee you won't feel like stepping off!
  • Ciclotte bike - Combining gorgeous crystal aesthetics with the functional values of a workout bike, the Ciclotte Teckell is the perfect investment to give your backyard pool that additional pizzazz! Designed and assembled in Italy, this bike even comes with a ride simulator that makes your cycling experience fully immersive! 

All the equipment is made of the best materials, customisable to suit your preferences and is essentially a one-time investment. Hit two birds with one stone! Get your favourite pieces to place in your home gym and have the convenience of carrying them out with you every once in a while!

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