Luxury Gym Equipment. Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym Equipment. Sustainable Gym Equipment.

Luxury Wellness in Today’s World

Are you tired of generic gyms with black equipment that are not inviting to work out in? Do you crave personalised wellness spaces that make you feel connected with yourself and your surroundings?

Look no further! Cycling Bears brings you luxury wellness in the modern age!

Luxury Gym Equipment. Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym Equipment. Sustainable Gym Equipment.

In a conversation with Tatler Homes, Singapore, our Co-Founder Debra Tay shared - “The demand for luxury wellness spaces at home is surging. Families are now exercising and meditating together while friends gather for workout sessions. People are choosing natural and luxurious materials over synthetic ones, and the trend for 2024 is set to be quality natural materials like sustainably sourced wood and stainless steel.”

That said, it is not just about the materials. The future of wellness comprises everything, from fitness and nutrition to personalisation and sustainability, from mental well-being and alternative therapies to recovery solutions. Luxury wellness experiences now cater to individual goals and needs with tailored fitness routines, personalised dietary plans, and specialised wellness therapies.

Luxury Gym Equipment. Wooden Gym Equipment. Home Gym Equipment. Sustainable Gym Equipment.

Picture a laughter-filled session with friends, sweating it out on sustainably sourced equipment that reflects quality with every rep. After all, people want more than just treadmills. They are more aware than ever and strive for mindful movement in spaces that foster connection. Mental health practices like meditation and mindfulness have gained mainstream popularity, and being environment-friendly is a critical concern for hotels, luxury spas and wellness retreats.

Our co-founders, Debra and Tudi, recently met with the visionaries behind Sunlighten in Australia, the leading provider of Infrared Saunas. With their equipment installed in some of the most beautiful properties in Australia, we are excited to partner with them and complete our wellness offering with this top-of-the-line recovery solution. 

Luxury Homes. Wooden Equipment. Home Gym. Sauna. Sunlighten. Recovery Solution.

Luxury with a conscience is the new must-have with an uptick in demand for alternative therapies, incorporating traditional and holistic practices like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fitness and nutrition programs have become more accessible with boutique gyms, customisable meal plans, and nutrient-dense food options.

However, the most prominent trend is the rise of luxury in-home wellness spaces. Individuals are transforming their homes into sanctuaries of well-being, complete with fitness areas, steam rooms, saunas, cold plunges and meditation sspaces. It is time to give your physical and mental well-being the royal treatment it deserves.

The future of luxury fitness is here, and you can reimagine your wellness sanctuary with us at Cycling Bears.

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