Embracing the Luxury of PENT.’s Premium Kettlebells

Embracing the Luxury of PENT.’s Premium Kettlebells

At Cycling Bears, we are driven by a mission to transform fitness spaces into your personalised wellness sanctuary. A haven that has beautiful, luxurious equipment which combines aesthetics and function. 

In curating luxury equipment, there are a few essential criteria that we consider: exceptional craftsmanship, use of the finest sustainable materials, unparalleled performance, and an experience that transcends mere functionality. 

PENT.’s premium kettlebells excel in each of these domains, making them a versatile choice for individuals looking to enhance their fitness experience. 

Excellence and Innovation in Fitness Design

Since its launch in 2011, PENT. has acquired a reputation for exquisitely designed, handcrafted gym equipment. Among fitness enthusiasts, the brand's products are synonymous with luxury. From treadmills to exercise benches and more, their collection—as exemplified with the premium kettlebells—is a testament to excellence and innovation in fitness design. 

Design and Finish

The PENT. LOVA™ kettlebells, eschew the traditional single cast kettlebell design in favour of a more sophisticated approach that enhances its look and use.

Each kettlebell is handmade from natural Walnut, Oak or Ash wood, and together with Stainless Steel, offers superior grip, balance, and durability. 

The inclusion of wood results in an exceptional tactile experience, and also, provides antibacterial properties.

When combined with Stainless Steel, the unique construction stands out visually, and delivers an exceptional workout experience, embodying the luxury and performance that PENT. is renowned for. 

Customisable Sets For Every Fitness Need

PENT.’s kettlebells are available in individual pieces or sets. If you opt for the individual kettlebell, you’ll get a solid wooden stand lined with genuine leather. 

For those who prefer various weight options on hand, the sets come in two different racks oriented vertically or horizontally, with slightly similar weight configurations. 

The horizontal stand has 4 different sets available

Light - 4kg | 6kg | 8kg | 10kg

Power - 10kg | 12kg | 16kg | 20kg

Ultimate - 4kg | 6kg | 8kg | 10kg | 12kg | 16kg | 20kg

Ultra Power - 24kg | 26kg | 28kg | 30kg

While the vertical stand has 3 sets

Light - 4kg | 6kg | 8kg | 10kg

Power - 10kg | 12kg | 16kg | 20kg

Ultimate - 4kg | 8kg | 10kg | 12kg | 16kg | 20kg

The stands are thoughtfully designed to not only accommodate the needs of fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers or fitness facilities, but also help maintain an elegant and space-efficient environment. The best part? YOU get to choose the type of wood and colour of leather for your kettlebell. As a cherry on top, you can even have your initials or logo engraved onto the wood, adding a personal touch to your unique piece.


PENT.’s kettlebells are designed to enhance the user experience. Regardless of whether you’re swinging, pressing or snatching, the ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution allow for precise movement and reduce the risk of strain and injury. 

This is particularly emphasised during intense workouts. Unlike steel and iron handles which can become slippery and require grip aids to maintain a secure hold, the natural texture provided by the wood ensures that you can perform exercises with confidence and comfort.


PENT.’s premium kettlebells are not only designed for peak performance, but to also stand the test of time. The wood used—regardless of whether it’s Walnut, Oak, or Ash—has an inherent strength and resilience, capable of withstanding frequent, intense use. 

Final Thoughts

Embracing the luxury of PENT.’s premium kettlebells, is not only about incorporating high-quality fitness equipment into your fitness routine, it’s a commitment to excellence, a pursuit of sustainability, and appreciation for fine designs that bring pride, pleasure, and fulfilment. 

Browse our full range of PENT.’s premium kettlebells today, or reach out to us for assistance in designing a wellness sanctuary that aligns with your goals and aspirations.
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