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Elevate Your Home Workout Experience with Luxury Cardio Equipment

Cardiovascular exercise is a key component of any fitness regimen as it offers a wide array of physical and mental health benefits. From improved heart health to weight management and stress reduction - good cardio covers it all. 

To make this experience not only effective but also enjoyable, many fitness enthusiasts are turning to luxury cardio machines. These fitness devices offer superior design and unmatched comfort, making your workouts more rewarding than ever. Here are some of our favourite pieces:


1. The Ciclotte Exercise Bike: Ride on Design

Luxury exercise bikes have come a long way from their basic prototypes. They now boast sleek, ergonomic designs, advanced connectivity features, and interactive training options. Built with premium sustainable materials, no planned obsolescence and whisper-quiet operation, this bike looks good placed anywhere and is fully functional!

Luxury Cardio Equipment. Workout Bike. Indoor Bike. Design Bike. Customisable. Singapore. Melbourne. Manila.

2. Stil-Fit Ergometer: The Future of Low-Impact Workout

For those seeking a low-impact workout with a touch of luxury, Stil-Fit's Ergometer is your answer. This equipment is designed to provide a comfortable training experience with three different grip positions and a powerful multifunctional console. You can also pair this with your tablet or mobile and enjoy an immersive workout experience through training apps like Kinomap and Swift.

Luxury Cardio Equipment. Ergometer. Indoor Bike. Design Bike. Customisable. Singapore. Melbourne. Manila.

3. Rowing Machines: A Full-Body Workout Gem

Rowing machines are gaining popularity for being stunning pieces of equipment that single-handedly provide a full-body workout in the comfort of your home by engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Crafted from sustainably sourced natural materials these machines mimic the experience of rowing in water to the T.

Cycling Bears offers two different options: the NoHrD WaterRower and the Stil-Fit Flow One. Both the rowers can be stored in an upright position, occupying hardly any space. 

Luxury Cardio Equipment. Water Rower. Indoor Bike. Design Bike. Customisable. Singapore. Melbourne. Manila.

The combination of sustainably sourced material, superior design, fully customisable options and unparalleled comfort make these products absolute must-haves!

Transform your exercise routine from a chore to an enjoyable, rewarding experience today! Book an appointment to visit our showrooms in Singapore and Melbourne, or walk in to our Manila showroom, where you can test these machines in person, or head to our online store, where you can play with different colour variations to see which one would look best in your home!

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