Dumbbells, a kettlebell, pushup bars and a skipping rope placed on a wooden stand.

Can Luxury Travel and Wellness go hand in hand?

Travelling disrupts routines, especially when it comes to fitness. But what if your hotel room could double as your own private gym? Welcome to the era of in-room fitness solutions - a game changer in travel wellness!

Cycling Bears offers an unparalleled guest experience, delivering tailor-made fitness solutions that seamlessly blend with your space, ensuring your guests' wellness journey never skips a beat.

From sleek and compact designs to practical functionality, discover the range of stylish equipment we have curated for you to keep your guests energised and active throughout their travels:

PENT. DEHA - Your Compact Gym Buddy

Transform your hotel room into an elegant mini gym with the PENT - DEHA set. Handcrafted from natural wood, this sleek stand elegantly displays your fitness essentials: dumbbells, kettlebells, push-up bars, and a skipping rope. Say goodbye to cluttered floors and frantic equipment searches - DEHA keeps everything neatly organised and easily accessible, inspiring consistent workouts with its space-saving design.

Dumbbells, a kettlebell, pushup bars and a skipping rope placed on a wooden stand.

PENT. MATA - Mindfulness Simplified

Experience the epitome of in-room luxury with the PENT yoga mat. Crafted from exquisite Italian leather and featuring a foldable design, this handcrafted mat takes little to no space, and can be hung neatly on the wall.

Whether it's morning meditation with a scenic view or a day-end yoga session, the PENT. MATA offers both sophistication and functionality. Its light padding ensures comfort during stretches, poses, or weight exercises, enabling you to focus entirely on your fitness routine without discomfort.

White yoga mats made of Italian calf leather spread on the floor.


PENT. SOPHIA: The Ultimate Mobile Gym

PENT. SOPHIA redefines the hotel fitness experience. This mobile gym, neatly packed into a trolley, brings the gym experience directly to the hotel room.

Equipped with all the essentials for a comprehensive workout, each piece is meticulously designed to meet both athletic and aesthetic standards, ensuring even the most discerning guests are satisfied.

Guests can engage in endurance, strength, and flexibility training for a full-body workout and more - all within the comfort and privacy of their own hotel room. Say hello to convenience and goodbye to excuses with PENT. SOPHIA, your on-demand fitness companion for hotel stays.

A luxury hotel room with a moveable gym equipment trolley and yoga mat on the floor

In an era where luxury and wellness converge, discover how in-room fitness solutions are revolutionising travel experiences. With sleek and practical equipment, guests can effortlessly maintain their fitness routines, staying energized throughout their stay.

At Cycling Bears, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line fitness equipment for a holistic wellness experience. Contact us, and let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests and to explore our full range of equipment for your hotel gym.

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