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5 Luxury Workout Equipment that hardly take up space

Yes! Having a private space to work out regularly is great. We also agree that while it is so much more convenient to work out at home, it is not always possible to have a good set-up with limited space.

But who said you need a full-fledged gym to maintain a healthy fitness routine?

Here are five luxury workout equipment that would be perfect for smaller homes. These are pretty to look at and are everything you need for an all-round fitness regimen:



PENT ANA COMBO is a set consisting of a beautiful stand and sophisticated fitness accessories suitable for endurance, strength and flexibility training, so you can get a full-body workout and more. It includes the PENT:

  • SIENNA (skipping rope),
  • LIPOVA (push-up bars),
  • MATA (fitness mat),
  • COLMIA (4kg / 6kg / 8kg dumbbells),
  • LOVA (4kg / 6kg / 8kg kettlebell),
  • ROLA (stretching roller),
  • KOHA (Yoga Block) and
  • MOXA (4kg / 8kg medicine ball).

Luxury workout equipment. Home gym equipment. Pent. Singapore lifestyle.

Taking a total floor area of just 150cm x 60cm, this set is sufficient on its own!



The Stil-Fit Ergometer is a luxury exercise bike that is everything you need for an efficient cardio workout.

Taking up only 0.5 square meters of floor space, this bike can be easily integrated into any room.

Luxury workout equipment. Home gym equipment. Stil-Fit. Ergometer. Singapore lifestyle.

Powered by its user, the bike requires no external power. It is easy to move around and also comes with a tablet holder that makes your workout experience fun and realistic.



FLOW ONE is a rowing machine that combines an elegant design with the sound of flowing water, providing a sensual workout experience. It fits into any living environment, both during the workout and afterwards.

When placed vertically, it takes up only half a square meter of space and decorates every room. 

Luxury workout equipment. Home gym equipment. Stil-Fit. Water Rower. Singapore lifestyle.

This rower improves strength and endurance equally, using 85% of the muscles, it trains both the upper and lower body. 



The PENT RACKA consisting of:

is the perfect set for your home gym set-up!

Luxury workout equipment. Home gym equipment. Pent. Singapore lifestyle.

The equipment is neatly stored on an elegant customisable rack that comes with an additional drawer. This set takes up only 190cm x 70cm of floor area and is perfect for strength, endurance and flexibility training.


5. PENT SCALA Advance

The SCALA is a sleek and unique fitness wall bar that can be incorporated into any empty wall in your home. It is made of the finest wood that provides the user with a good grip and also exhibits antibacterial properties.

Luxury workout equipment. Home gym equipment. Pent. Singapore lifestyle.

This fitness wall bar is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and creates a harmonious feel in your exercise space. It even comes with weighted and removable rungs (1kg to 5kg), elastic bands and TRX clips.


Contrary to popular opinion, investing in even a single piece of workout equipment that best fits your fitness goals, can be game-changing for your physical health. 


In addition, having equipment readily available in your home can make it easier to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You can perform a quick set of exercises during a break from work or while watching TV.


If you're looking to invest in your choice of equipment, the Cycling Bears website is where you should be looking. You may even book an appointment to visit their showroom and check out the equipment for yourself! 

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