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PENT x Cycling Bears SIENNA - Luxury Skipping Rope

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PENT x Cycling Bears SIENNA - Luxury Skipping Rope

Experience the epitome of fitness elegance with the PENT. SIENNA Skipping Rope. Crafted with precision from natural wood, this skipping rope is a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when nature and craftsmanship unite.

One of the most fundamental yet often overlooked fitness accessories, our SIENNA Skipping Rope is a simple yet necessary tool that allows you to take control of your fitness journey on your own terms. The luxurious handcrafted design sets it apart, making it not just a workout accessory but a statement of refined taste and dedication to wellness.

Made of Ash wood, which provides a good grip, is a pleasure to touch and also exhibits antibacterial properties.

Combined with solid Stainless Steel, and natural leather, this skipping rope is a simple piece of luxury exercise equipment but gives you an incredible workout. 

Length of 275cm.

This is ready-to-take!


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